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BSZS 2004 GBKL V14 Another Orbit-son who is big, strong and substantial, very good body proportions and good pigmentation. Strong head, pronounced wither, rather short, markedly sloping croup. Good forehand angulation, correct hind angulation. The brisket should be rather longer, normal front. Roomy gait.
Herr Erich Orschler

BSZS 2002 JKL SG 23 Big, lengthy, strong, very good masculinity, powerful head, high wither, straight back. The well angled croup should be a touch longer, balanced brisket proportions, correct front. Good fore, very good hind-angulation. The elbows should be firmer. Moves soundly behind and clightly close in front. Powerful gait with effective hindthrust. The front reach should be somewhat freer.
Herr Helmut König
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