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 CHAMP von DAKOTA : VA1 (Ire)

CHAMP von DAKOTA : VA1 (Ire) 2007

VA1 - Sieger 2007- Champ v Dakota SchH3
Judge Herr Scheld

BSZS 2003 GBKL V3 On the top limits of size in stance, expressive, masculine, strikingly firm, dry dog with very good body proportions and good outline. Very good masculine head with superb expression, pronounced wither, strikingly firm back, very good length and angle of the croup, very good angulation. Pronounced brisket development, correct front. Powerful, ground covering gait with very good presentation and correct coming and going. As a representative of a grey type of our breed he embodies a very firm, very well knit type with exceptional height to length proportions and very good general construction. He is full of vitality and shows himself with considerable spirit and enthusiasm to move.
Herr E. Orschler

CHAMP von DAKOTA : VA1 (Ire) 2006

V1 - Sieger  2006- Champ v Dakota SchH3 Very strong head, very high withers, good top-line, very good under line. Front and back angulations are very good. Correct in the front and back and very good colour.
Herr Dux

CHAMP von DAKOTA : VA1 (Ire) 2005

V1 - Sieger 2005- Champ v Dakota SchH3 Large dog, a sable with a wonderful structure, he has a lot of expression, a very good head. Good top and underline. Very good angulation, goes straight. For this age very dry and firm and has very good movement. Congratulations Irish Sieger 2005
Herr R Mai

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